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Price Guarantee

Price guarantee 

100% price guarantee

Request your Refund

If you've found a cheaper competitor's site within 10 days of your order (price includes shipping costs), email us at the site and tell us the details to request a refund.

Wholesale football 100% price guarantee Instructions:

(A) must first buy the item before requesting a price guarantee. You will need to file a claim within 10 days of your purchase.

(B) The item is currently available in the same size, style, pattern and color as it is and be stocked and available on the competitor's website.

(C) The competitor's price must be postage.

(D) Special Offers such as Discounts, Gift Certificates, and "Buy One, Get One" bids are not eligible. Price matches can not be met for clearance, exclusion, inventory reduction or timed sales.

(E) Warranty applies only to websites, may not be an auction site, a discount on the site , a search engine or a membership club. Price Guarantee means returning the 100% difference between (minus discounts or coupons and without shipping and taxes) and the price of the competitor.

It is limited to one Guarantee requirement per product per customer.

The warranty applies only to purchases for personal use. The warranty does not apply to purchases for resale or for commercial purposes. The football club reserves the right to terminate this price guarantee policy or to deny the price match at any time due to improper or other unforeseen circumstances.